ABOUT-who we are


The three-fold philosophy - knowledge - diligence is the basis of our company's operation.
Following strictly, we commit ourselves to our clients for high quality services and cooperation, before, during and after the completion of a project.
With starting point the intention to develop and invest, we aim in defining the right property and we create the developmental plan that maximizes the effectiveness of the investment.
With the uniqueness of each project, we build buildings beyond established, innovative and innovative constructions that creatively incorporate functional requirements, aesthetic quality, modern materials and state-of-the-art technology. Our goal is to create an ideal environment for everyone who is looking for a space tailored to his needs. This is the vision for our creations.

The foundation stone in our constructions is the architectural design, which defines in detail all the elements of the building, its placement in the space, as well as the various elements of the surrounding space required for its operation.
Having as a guide the passion, knowledge and continuous training, framed by well-trained partners and with absolute professionalism, we focus on high quality and present our ideas based on your personal needs. Starting with inspiration, with emphasis on innovation and energy saving, we take advantage of every possible space to your advantage, and we present buildings as ‘life tanks’.

Our Office Team

what clients say about our awesome team

Panos Argyros

Architect, National Technical University of Athens, M.Sc.
Design & Construction manager

Christos Chortis

Lawyer, Univercity of Athens,
Real Estate & Development Manager

Marianna Vlachou

Civil Engineer, Technical Education

Viki Gleni

Civil Engineer, National Technical University of Athens

Fotis Soldatos

Rural and Surveyor Engineer, National Technical University of Athens

Anthi Soldatou

Administration - Finance, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Dimitris Ntovas

Construction Manager

Dimitris Belavgenis

Contruction Manager