Corporate Presentation by ARCONS development

Corporate Presentation by ARCONS development

On Saturday December 15th 2018, a Company Presentation was held by ARCONS Development, on the occasion of their 10th anniversary at Cafe Bistro V3 in Lefkada.

The founder of ARCONS, Mr. Panos Argyros, presented the 10-year journey of the company emphasizing its principles and values which are the threefold: Philosophy – Knowledge – Labor.

She then referred to the company’s activities in Lefkada, presenting a series of projects, but also to the activities of ARCONS outside Lefkada (Attica – Etoloakarnania – Cyclades), as well as its participation in important real estate exhibitions abroad (Moscow, Baku, Kiev).

Continuing, Mr. Argyros particularly referred to the value of the human resources of ARCONS, emphasizing the continuous investment of the company in the training – specialization – upgrading of its people.

Presented ARCONS products and services:

  • DESIGN: Architectural design – Interior design – Application design – Licensing.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Residential – Business Buildings – Hotels – Restorations – Renovations.
  • INVESTMENTS: Investment proposals – Development – Implementation.

As well as the goals of ARCONS:

  • Providing high quality services
  • Development and secure innovation.
  • Action field extension.
  • Creating project value.

In closing, Mr. Argyros announced the activity sector “BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT”.

Then the partner of ARCONS Mr. Costas Verykios, developed the new activity that concerns the REAL ESTATE- BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Making a small reference to what exactly Real Estate means, and how this has evolved with the development of tourism in our country, attracting investors as well.

Then it was mentioned how the development of Real Estate affected Lefkada. Lefkada has attracted small – Very small investments in recent years. “Anarchic Structure” was introduced and Aesthetic Pollution underlined. The question that arises is whether Lefkada can attract Medium – Large investments, without destroying the natural beauty and the environment of the island and under what conditions?

Classifying the conditions into two main categories:

  • Absence of an Institutional Framework.
  • Spatial planning – Land use.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Investment Environment – Rules.

And those concerning the private sector

  • Professionalism.
  • Application of the Rules.

Afterwards, Mr. Verykios presented what it means, how it is prepared, how a BUSINESS PLAN is prepared and what questions it must answer in order to make an investment efficient and sustainable, mainly by attributing surplus value to the investor.

In closing, he stressed that ARCONS, having realized the needs of the market, aspires, active in this field, to provide the solutions, fully covering the needs of the customer-investor and to become so your Reliable Partner.

See below photos from the event!

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