Our services

    What we offer

    • Real Estate
    With many years of experience in the field of Real Estate all around Greece we provide many opportunities adjusted on your needs and requirements.

    • Development Management
    We take over the management of the development starting from the initial business plan to the implementation of the business plan of the project.

    • Architectural Design
    Starting from a discussion on your wishes and dreams, we create a Conseptual Design and then develop it according to your requirements. Finally, we present the Developed Design to you, using sophisticated methods.

    • Permit issuance
    We offer advice on issuing planning permission and information on the necessary supporting documents required for submitting an application to the appropriate authority. We then undertake the permit issuing process until final authorization.

    • Construction of a Project
    Focusing on quality, reliability and reasonable cost, we create buildings of a high standard. Site supervision and full coordination of the construction works and the technical staff are among our responsibilities so as to ensure delivery within the agreed schedule and according to the building permit.

    • Coordinating Specialist Consultants
    Our firm is staffed by engineers of various specialties and specialist external collaborators

    • Building survey
    We conduct a thorough survey of an existing building, draw up a technical report and advise on the current state.

    • Interior Design
    We provide a high-level interior design service. After conducting a spatial study and taking your needs into consideration, we present our ideas through advanced methods of visualization.

    • Specialist Services
    In addition to the above-mentioned services, we may take on an additional specialized role that requires specific expertise.

    • Specialized knowledge on Building Conservation-Restoration
    In case the building you own is classified as “historical”, “Protected under the heritage status” or is situated in an area that is characterized as “Architecturally Protected Area”, you may need the advice of an architect with specialized knowledge on conserving and restoring buildings. Our long experience in that field can guarantee the best results.

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